Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Custom Nissan 350Z

There comes a time when speed isn't just enough to keep your car sexy...a little midas touch is needed if not more. My favorite tuner car of all times has to be the 350Z. I collected a few of the best tuned Zs.

These i cant choose any, its hard to take one and leave the other. 
 And the owner of this had the right instincts in him.

 The roadster version although not a big fan, is a beauty too!
 Anything that goes with art! i'm in it! This is just beautiful!

 Speed hunters had this baby and i could not let it go, sorry buddies.

 he was ready to burn it up!
 The paint job on this plus the shiny wheels
 Simple white no spoiler but still a beauty.
 Oh, look at the hood and the entire body kit is just creative!

 I have nothing to say! I'm so overwhelmed ... this is my favorite and i'll stop here! Continue reading..whew!

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