Tuesday, August 14, 2012

E60 Roar

If you dream of driving a BMW, drive a E60 M5 BMW. In my case i'd love one with a claret colored vinyl roof oxblood leather upholstery and an opera window. This was the first V10 sedan in the world and was introduced in 2005. featuring a 5Ltr BMW V10 S85 engine.and has 373 kW; 500 bhp; 380 lb·ft of torque. Redline is 8250rpm. Remember Valvetronic in previous BMWs and  famous in the M3? where no throttle butterfly was used, Instead, the engine changed (and still does) its volumetric efficiency by altering the amount of intake valve lift, based on BMW's established double VANOS system, which steplessly varies the timing of both the inlet and exhaust cams, Well in this engine we have individual
throttle bodies per cylinder allowing the engine to operate more efficiently by decreasing pumping losses to achieve more horsepower. 20,548 units were built 19,523 saloons and 1,025 wagons.