Friday, August 10, 2012

Most Beautiful Car of the 80s

The thing about beauty with cars is that its not in the eyes of the beholder...its in everyone's  eyes. There is a clear cut line between beautifully made cars and beautiful ladies...and the reasons are endless. I'm not here to talk about speed today, but the most beautiful car ever made in the 80s. I'm not disclosing it to you till the end so go on reading.

She was born in 1982 and only lived for 10years. If you know your history well, 80s had so much of design revorlution taking place in cars...slant nose 911, the Countach, F40, 81 Corvette, MX-5 miata all these were great looking cars, but there was this particular one broke the trend, not to imply previous cars were trash. The headlamp pockets for example had this dark shadow looked like a mature eagle just about to attack a female partner. Corvette Ferrari Lotus Honda had streamlined cars already but this one brought Streamline +Charisma. This car was like that kid who joins elders in a chess match, not to win but to change the rules of the game boldly enough to even end it no force used just the language.

Its considered to be the slowest of its predecessor and even successors but like i said, speed is out of the question you can also do your engine tricks like they do to it on the drag strips. Beauty without speed? Yes, similar to speed without beauty, how many cars out there combine these two? Pardon me, did u say Bugatti?  No, actually the only car that has come close to  that is none other than the 5th Gen Camaro.

And the death of my car in topic happened to be in August 27, 1992, but the legacy has proven to be everlasting. And now ladies and gents, the most beautiful car of the 80s,  THE 3RD GEN CAMARO.


  1. Super and exquisite cars you have there! True! Your options are some of the car favourites back in the good old days!

  2. She was a true beauty for real! as much as she was the slowest, she was still the best :)

  3. One good ride indeed! Well said on the facts too. Thank you for providing this post.

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