Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Johnie Viper

Johnny Viper is not only the most respected Subie driver around but he has done what others call a career limiting move. This is the story. The year is 2009 when he bought this subru, a Legacy non turbo type TS-R. I reminisce gloriously his words.."Whatever man can do i will try twice and perfect thrice...BOY.."

 Above is the scrap after buying it, We had to install a new grill- Subaru Legacy Grillcraft MX-SERIES Grills, which would host the entire gnobes, hood lamps, sport fog lights and extra room for other accessories. Also, a Vorsteiner V-GT Front Add-On Spoiler made of CFHM (carbon fiber honey comb matrix). We started on the extrior bit of the car with most of the kits available while the engine perfomance kits took time to arrive from Japan.

For the wheels, we chose the Second in the forged series . CE28N's which are a Forged Monoblock wheel. For the brakes we used Rotora's slotted and drilled rotors which  are double disc ground and mill balanced to ensure all OE specifications and provide maximum stopping power.

For the paint job, we did a metallic black...extreeme package. Two weeks the exterior was almost done, the fogs below are PIAA 1100X Platinum Fog Lights. This platinum kit provides 85 watts of light from just 55 watts of power allowing cooler operation and increased bulb life. The 1100X is not only the world's smallest Dichroic Driving Lamp, but has a compact design that adds to the versatility of this light without sacrificing performance. And, talk about fashion, Wow! It is easy to see why the 1100X stays at the top of PIAA's top selling list.

The spoiler is made of high quality 100% carbon fiber with UV protected. The spoiler is a direct replacement, no drilling is needed. Also, its weight is significantly reduced due to carbon fiber being very light. The surface is also processed to ensure as smooth as the original spoiler and is very shiny.