Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Full Throttle 2012 - Montreal, Canada

BLOX presented this year's Full Throttle Car Show in Montreal, Canada. For the first time in the history of car shows in north america, the vehicle that will took the best of show position was awarded with a superbowl sized championship ring as Full throttle's 2012 "king of kings" 
Thanks to Evelyn for her kind action of sharing the photos with me, this Caprice was her showcase, it went ahead to win the trophy. Thanks to MontrealRacing.com for their photos too. This was worth!

Low riders all way. They slammed this Royce down. Pa!

Supra with wide body kit
Play with your suspensions the car plays along too...
Mad G37

R8 on Combat mission
Hotties never miss these events

See that Z...

I see a Cuda


Yeah, its Risky Business!

The King of Kings Ring
C4 Corvette

Brushed out Maro